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Oil paintings for you.

oil paintings to orderCanvas oil painting

A painting in your home is not only a strong interior element, but a powerful energy source! It is capable of creating a certain mood, trigger memories, take you to your favorite place, charge you with positive thoughts. Oil painting is also a worthy present for an important occasion: birthday, anniversary, wedding, housewarming, romantic day…

You can choose a painting in the gallery or make an order for a canvas of certain size, theme and palette, that fit your interior and wishes. The price depends on complexity and size of the painting.

oil paintings lessonsOil painting lessons

If you have desire to express yourself through art, you are on the right way! Technique is secondary and comes with practice. Do you want to create your own painting but don't have enough knowledge or confidence? Get a private lesson.

You get the understanding of composition, form and technique while painting your own pictures. I teach from easy to complex, taking into account your skill and desires. We can choose class duration, schedule and location to your convenience. Viewphotos...

modelingSalt dough modeling master classes

Come to an entertaining art class – creating craft from salt dough. It consists of only natural components: powder, salt and water. It is a living creature that soaks up the energy of your hands and thoughts, and keeps it in itself. Since ancient times people have been making averter figures from dough that they used to give as gifts and wish health, well-being, wealth and luck.

A real fairy tale is born of salt dough. And you are the wizards! During this class you create your own small masterpiece that will be a pleasant surprise gift for close ones and friends or an averter for you home and family.

If taken care of properly, the salt dough crafts can be preserved and satisfy their owners for many years! Art with salt dough is interesting and accessible for grownups and kids. It is a great opportunity to unite parents and their children with common art as well as add a positive note to family life. Try it and see for yourself.

You pick the theme: New Year decorations, Easter souvenirs, Valentine's Day cards, fairy tale characters, souvenir magnets… All you need is a table where everyone can sit comfortably. Maximum participants – 10 people.

pop art paintingsPop-art portraits

It is an unusual and stylish gift for any occasion. The painting is done with a brush on a canvas with oil paint. The portrait does not require a frame! Side surface is part of the painting.

What is required for this job is a good quality photo (face close up) and your wishes for palette. First I create a sketch and offer 3-4 options for its palette. The work is done on a canvas after the sketch and size are approved.

The period of completion after the approval of the sketch is 5 to 14 days depending on the number of colors. The most popular sizes are 50x40 cm, 50x50 cm (others are possible as well). Price starts with 900 UAH – 50х40 cm / 50х50 cm, one/two faces, up to 4 colors.

You can pay either when you receive the painting, or via wire transfer. In Kiev and Borispol your portrait is handed over at a private meeting. Delivery to other cities is performed by 'Nova Poshta'.

glass paintingsDecorative painting glass

Painting is done with glass or acrylic paint: Viewphotos...